Die Forming Hollow Bead Jewelry with Lynne Hull July 24-25, 2021

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$365 tuition + $60 materials

Key Points:
*Learn about hydraulic presses
*Make a die press
*Make copper, brass and bronze prototypes
*Texturing and patten work creating a delicate design
*Learn how to silver solder
*Learn how to rivet and tab two parts together

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More Information on this Workshop

This workshop is design to create beads for personal jewelry designs that are beyond round beads. Beads are the oldest element found in body adornment/jewelry and have the possibility to create repetitive patterns within one piece. Students will be designing their beads by first drawing a profile of the bead, then make their own dies out of Plexiglas, Masonite, wood or liquid steel depending on the shape and usage. Once the forms are made, students will create prototypes out of copper, brass and bronze. Once students are satisfied with the results they will move to silver and learn how to silver solder them together or cold join them with rivets, tabs and screws. By the end of the workshop students will have the knowledge of how die forming works by producing several beads which can be incorporate into their jewelry designs.

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Die Forming Hollow Bead Jewelry with Lynne Hull July 24-25, 2021