Details of Art Deco Furniture with Owain Harris June 28-July 2, 2021

Craftsmanship Across the Board


$865 tuition + $160 materials

Key Points:
*Designing with veneer
*Understanding how wood movement effects veneer
*Handling commercial thickness veneers
*Veneering a waterfall edge
*Veneering curved moldings
*Making and veneering a shaped leg
*Hammer veneering with an iron
*Vacuum bag veneering
*Inlay with hand tools and routers
*Finish considerations for veneered work

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Workshop Completed

More Information on this Workshop

This workshop will explore the world of Art Deco design, veneering and inlay. Students will have the opportunity to select from various elements as they design and build a small veneered table. Through this process, Owain will discuss how to design joinery for veneered work, how to handle, layout, and tape commercial thickness veneers, and various techniques for pressing the veneer. Veneering techniques covered will include hammer veneering, vacuum bag pressing, and using clamps and cauls. Finally, students will delve into the vocabulary of Art Deco details by designing and executing decorative edge treatments and inlays using both hand tools and routers. The week will end with a discussion of finish options and techniques for veneered work.

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