Designing Chairs with Michael Fortune September 23-27, 2019


$825 tuition, $80 material fee
Key Points:
*Anthropometric data
*Compound joinery simplified
*Making scale drawings, models and prototypes
*Special chair making jigs and fixtures
*Simple upholstery methods
*Details—unique features
*Structure analysis

Workshop Available

Pay a deposit of $300.00 per item


This workshop is an intensive investigation into the design and construction of dining or desk chairs. Making a unique, comfortable, strong, and attractive chair is a wonderful challenge considered by most to be the pinnacle of woodworking prowess. This course will give you both the anthropometric data (critical human dimensions) required to design comfortable chairs and a simple and effective step-by-step approach to successfully building chairs—even if they incorporate compound curved members and seemingly complex joinery. You will develop your own chair designs with Michael’s guidance during the class and then fabricate a full-size mockup that can be sat in and evaluated. Demonstrations on making scale models, full-size mockups and jigs for chairs will take place throughout the week. Straightforward methods of upholstering chair seats and backs are also covered. Michael brings examples of several chairs he has made during his 30 year career in woodworking, discusses what inspired the designs and how he employs an organized sequence of jigs to fabricate his chairs. The history of chairs is covered in a slide presentation.

There is an annual, nonrefundable registration fee of $45.

This registration fee is not a part of the class fee and is not deducted from the final balance due. This is the financial binding that locks you into the class and starts the registration process. This fee does not apply to students who only take one single day workshop.