Design & Build a Craftsman Bookcase with Bob Lang June 22-26, 2020


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Key Points:
*Make a full-size layout to get the exact size of every part
*Master mortise and tenon joinery in several different forms
*Learn the secrets of solid wood case construction
*Make and hang an inset door with divided lights
*Craft signature details of Harvey Ellis designs
*Duplicate a period finish with modern materials and methods

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The Gustav Stickley No. 700 Glass Door Bookcase is an iconic piece of furniture from the American Arts & Crafts period of the early 20th century. Join Bob, author of Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture and former executive editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine and build an accurate reproduction in the traditional quartersawn white oak, or your choice of wood. This Harvey Ellis design features beautiful proportions and classic details including through mortise and tenon joints in the gracefully arched lower rails. Although it may appear to be a large piece, it is small enough to fit almost anywhere and it also makes a great display case. Solid joinery is the key to building great furniture, and this class will reveal the secrets to efficiently layout and create great fitting (and great looking) joints with a minimal amount of fuss with either hand or power tools. Students will also explore the history behind the furniture and the original makers and sort out authentic period details, as well as cover several methods for finishing quartersawn white oak. Original examples of this piece sell for thousands of dollars and are in great shape after 110 years. Spend a week with Bob, who is a leading expert in Craftsman style furniture, and learn how to recreate a classic design of solid casework that your great grandchildren will fight over.