Decorative Veneering with Bill Hull May 26-30, 2020 (Tues-Sat)


$825 tuition + $70 materials

Key Points:
*Mosaic detailing
*Waterfall edges
*Free forming
*Veneering difficult surfaces
*Inlays and making curved inlay
*Freehand cutting
*Cutting veneer inlay into projects
*Basket weave patterns
*Making of two plies
*Mating curve templates

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This class will begin with a radial match project involving crossband, curved inlay and waterfall edging. It will continue with a study of other waterfall and edging strategies and methods of using veneering to create design possibilities. From there students will be shown how to make mosaic detailing and basket weave patterns as well as refractive matching of veneers. Bill will demonstrate freehand cutting of veneers as well as inlay techniques. Students will have an opportunity to practice veneering curves, stringing and patterns, free forming, mating templates and more. This class will be open for anyone who wants to gain skills that can take their projects to a new level.