Decorative Floral Relief Carving with Mary May August 16-20, 2021

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$865 tuition + $65 materials

Key Points:
*Sharpening gouges
*How to properly hold gouges for safety, efficiency and control
*How to lower down background for relief carving
*How to carve in the correct grain direction
*How to carve a floral design in relief
*How to carve a variety of leaves (oak, grape, acanthus)
*Tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your gouges
*How to think through the entire carving process

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In this class, Mary will teach a variety of floral relief woodcarving techniques and designs. The projects will include the technique of using the V-chisel to do the majority of outlining and defining designs. The first project will be a simple flower design, showing how to work correctly with the grain, and how to make basic carving cuts. Next, Mary will walk students through carving a more decorative floral design in relief, showing how to carve overlapping petals with a greater 3D effect. Students will then carve various leaves (oak leaf, grape leaf, acanthus leaf), learning how to carve realistic twists and curls. Mary will discuss how to make the tools do a variety of cuts, even when the wood grain is not cooperating. Students will have the opportunity to work with several different types of carving woods, so they will get the “real world” idea of carving. Students will learn the technique of thinking through the entire carving process from start to finish. Many of Mary’s tips and tricks will be shared throughout the week.

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Decorative Floral Relief Carving with Mary May August 16-20, 2021