Decorating Faux Finishing: Replicating Wood Grain, Marble, Stone & Destressing with Martin Green August 17-21, 2020


$825 tuition + $75 materials

Key Points:
*Learn to create faux woods such as oak, walnut & mahogany
*Learn to create faux marbles such as Portoro & Breche Violet
*Develop painting skills
*Control the materials and develop your handskills
*Give your work continuity

Sold Out. Please Call Paula at 317-535-4013 to be added to the waiting list.


In this workshop, world expert Martin Green will demonstrate ways to create grain patterns by using true and elegant effects that mimic what nature does so perfectly. Students will work in duplicating perfect color and grain matching in recreating natural effects of oak, walnut and mahogany. Students will also learn how to perfect marble color and graining by using effects and techniques of Portoro and Brecht Violet. Beginning with simple exercises, participants will explore the processes required to achieve an accurate representation of these woods and marbles. Students will work with both acrylic and oil-based paints in a controlled and non-intuitive manner. Students will begin with the application of paints to prepare the panel surface then start layering color, grain and texture to achieve the utmost accuracy and create the truest of reproduction. All students will take home a fully completed panel which accurately reflects the woods and marbles. Students will also learn how to accurately replicate limestone blocks. Join Martin for a great week in a workshop which will take your work to a completely new faux finishing level.