Creative Embellishments: A Fresh Look at Old Techniques with Tim Coleman July 12-16, 2021

Craftsmanship Across the Board


$75 material fee payable to Tim

Key Points:
*Embossing with custom steel stamping tools
*Incised carving with V tools, veiners and knives
*Resawing veneer from solid wood on the bandsaw
*Working with thick, sawn veneer to create parquet and overlay patterns
*Layering and carving through veneer
*Marquetry, including stack sawn and double bevel methods
*Creating custom plywood for scroll sawn panels
*Veneer substrates and edge banding methods
*Veneer pressing techniques
*Adding color to carved surfaces
*Scraper sharpening and use

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Join nationally known furniture maker, Tim Coleman for a deep dive into a variety of techniques to create visually exciting textures and patterns on furniture surfaces. Students will begin with an exploration of patterns from around the world and learn the basics of creating their own patterns. Tim will discuss traditional ways that pattern and texture have been used in woodworking throughout history and show students how to bend the rules with these methods. The emphasis will be on experimentation and spontaneity with students creating sample boards as a kind of sketchbook. Some may choose to make a small tabletop or box top using new skills, but the objective is for students to have the chance to practice and become proficient in a range of techniques. There is always a lot of sharing of ideas in the classroom as students are inspired and influenced by each other. Let your imagination run free as you learn ways to express yourself with new techniques that can be applied to tables, cabinets, boxes and more.

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Creative Embellishments: A Fresh Look at Old Techniques with Tim Coleman July 12-16, 2021