Creating Heirloom Ornaments & Jewelry with Janice Levi October 12-16, 2020


$825 tuition + $100 materials

Key Points:
*Form and proportion
*Selecting the best woods for the projects
*Using pyrography and color to enhance turnings
*Applying patterns to round objects
*Making hollowing tools for small turnings
*Learning to turn delicate finials
*Making wearable art
*Sharpening tools for the task at hand

Workshop Available

Pay a deposit of $300.00 per item


Put a bowl gouge into the hand of a woodturner and make big, bold cuts—that’s comfortable. But, try turning a finial less than 1/8″ in diameter, and the best among us get a little nervous. In this busy class, students will develop the skills for making finesse cuts that result in delicately shaped finials which will complement any ornament globe. Three different types of ornaments will be turned—a traditional globe with finial, a faux-segmented ornament, and an inside-outside ornament. The importance of proportion and form will also be illustrated. Students will learn to use their various tools and will make their own hollowing tool. Sharpening will also be covered as making small delicate cuts does require a properly sharpened tool. In addition, the class will learn to turn jewelry beads, engrain disks and crossgrain pendant disks without the need for special chucks or jigs. All that is needed is a waste block and double-sided tape. Some of the jewelry pieces, as well as the ornament globes, will be enhanced using pyrography and color. The class will learn how to apply patterns to their turnings and will receive both basic and advanced instruction in pyrography techniques. Finally, the class will turn a lidded bracelet box which will feature a bangle bracelet as part of the design. These little treasures will certainly become precious heirlooms.