Creating Exceptional Furniture: Learning to Control the Line with Stephen Proctor August 17-21, 2020


$825 tuition + $50 materials

Key Points:
*Learn to shape wood with a spokeshave
*Learn how to draw complex lines and then connect them
*Develop compound shapes
*Tool control
*Using rasps and planes to create curved surfaces
*Give your work continuity

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Woodworkers require the ability to create true and elegant curves, both simple and compound in nature. These may be for the use of legs, or even just for shaping an edge. Beginning with simple exercises, this class will explore the process required to arrive at shapes, forms, and sections in a controlled and non-intuitive manner. Students will begin by the application of a few straight lines to achieve some compound curves, shapes, and curls. Grinders, rasps, spokeshaves, planes, and scrapers will be demonstrated to show how they may be used to achieve the utmost accuracy and create the truest of forms. Through a series of more complex exercises, the class will end up exploring many and varied shapes. These may be transitions from fat to thin, round to square, spirals, twists, and even animalistic forms. All of the sample pieces and the thought process of connecting the dots will provide a design source for future projects. This will be the sixth time Stephen has done this class, and if you want to learn how to create motion without steam, heat or glue, then this is the class that will take your work to a completely different place.