Create a Graceful Hepplewhite Bow Front Chest with Alf Sharp May 22-28, 2021 (7 days)

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Key Points:
*Discuss and apply the proportional ideals of the American Neoclassical style
*Fashion bow fronted drawer fronts
*Learn the secrets of floating drawer runners
*Plan your own decorative inlay design
*Plenty of opportunity to practice dovetailed drawer sides.

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The neoclassical movement in furniture design coincided with the American revolution, so the furniture made during that period has come to be called “Federal.” George Hepplewhite was designing in England at this time, and the Americans took his ideas and applied their own principles, developed over the decades, remarkably improving the lines and proportions. The typical Federal bow-front chest of drawers is one of the very best examples of this period. Though often quite large, the perfection of line and proportion made them always lovely and graceful. There is ample practical storage space in this wonderful form. The model students will make in this class features the beautiful “French foot”, and the option for several different inlay schemes on the drawer fronts.
Learn several methods for fashioning the stylish French foot.

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