Compound Veneering: Veneering a Turned Form with Scott Grove October 11-15, 2021

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$865 tuition + $50 materials

Key Points:
*Fundamental turning techniques
*Conditioning veneer
*Form considerations
*Veneer forming techniques
*Creating compression molds
*Seaming techniques
*Aesthetic considerations

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More Information on this Workshop

Turners have a wide variety of amazing woods and burls to work with. So, why would anyone want to veneer over a turned object? The answer is simple: because I can. But there are other reasons, too. Veneer is typically a higher quality than hardwood lumber and some species and/or figures are only available in veneer. These highly figured veneers showcase some of the finest qualities of chatoyance and is more consistent and frequently more spectacular due to these superior grades. Using veneer also allows you to achieve aesthetic effects that you can’t get with hardwood, i.e. using two contrasting species on different surfaces of a form. Different colored veneers can be layered and the surface carved or edges exposed to reveal fine pin striping accents, unique segmenting patterns can be created and more. This class is for beginner and advanced turners alike. Students will work on several forms and projects. Experimentation will be encouraged. Fundamental turning techniques will be reviewed for the non-turners or beginning turners. This new class will expand your turning aesthetic possibilities. Scott is a pioneer in compound veneering and will share all his tips and tricks with the class.

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Compound Veneering: Veneering a Turned Form with Scott Grove October 11-15, 2021