Colorful Arts & Crafts Carvings with Bob Lang September 26-27, 2020


$350 tuition + $60 materials

Key Points:
*Learn the basics of simple relief carving with hand tools
*Use a printed pattern and a small router to relieve the background
*Apply colors to the completed carving with watercolor pencils
*Explore the history of Arts & Crafts furniture with a leading expert

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Some of the most beautiful pieces of Arts & Crafts period furniture are from the Byrdcliffe Colony. This group of artists and craftsmen worked in Woodstock, NY for several years, but the woodworking shop was in operation for only two years, producing about 50 pieces of furniture. A joint effort of designers and cabinetmakers produced casework with distinctive carved panels, adorned with colorful finishes. Bob built a reproduction of the Byrdcliffe Linen Press for the cover of the April 2006 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine and has spent time studying another piece; the “Iris Desk”. In this class, students will carve one of the three panels of this desk, or a similar design, and apply color to the carved panel. Students will have the opportunity to explore the basics of simple relief carving, working from printed patterns and a using a few carving chisels. There will be a slide show of Bob measuring and photographing the original “Iris Desk” while learning the fascinating story about the short-lived woodworking shop at the Byrdcliffe Colony. Once the carvings are complete, students will apply transparent colors to the wood panel. Everyone will go home with a distinctive piece of handmade art.