Challenging Beginning Basketry with Peeta Tinay August 17-21, 2020


$825 tuition; $150 materials for 2 baskets payable to Peeta

Key Points:
*Students will learn the technique of twining
*Fundamentals of materials selection before a project begins
*How to create and maintain shape while creating a basket
*The importance of tension on materials with hand, finger and body placement
*The process of dyeing the materials
*The multiple step process to create a lustrous finish

Workshop Available

Pay a deposit of $300.00 per item


Are you new to basket making or always wanted to take a workshop? Come cut your teeth on two challenging, rewarding and substantial baskets. If you have made baskets in the past, come brush up on your skills and learn some new techniques and perspectives about basket making. During the first two days of this comprehensive workshop students will make a split spoke, twined basket base. It will boast a colorful spiral pattern. Students will have vibrantly dyed round reed to choose from for the basket base. Both black and brown reed will be in this mix as well for those with a more subdue pallet. This first completed basket finishes with a graceful open border and will measure approximately 15” diameter x 3” tall. Students newly learned skills will be expanded upon with the creation of the second basket project. The final three days of the workshop will be spent creating a slightly larger basket that will have a dramatic finish of a ring border with a lattice overlay and will measure approximately 18” diameter x 4” to 5” tall. Both baskets will be made from multiple diameters of round reed which lend additional textural interest. All round reed will be pre-dyed and prepared for these specific projects. This provides for ease and flow of this workshop. Students will learn techniques that are easily transferable to other weaving materials. The finishing techniques will be discussed in great detail. Note: Hand strength is required for this workshop.