Build an Arts & Craft Style Hammered Copper Lamp with Joe Mross May 3-7, 2021

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$865 tuition + $265 materials

Key Points:
*Introduction to historical context of Arts & Crafts copper work
*Important design elements of Arts & Crafts copper work
*How to get a design ready for layout
*Good planning to keep from getting boxed into a corner
*Basic properties of copper and how to wrangle it
*How to cut, sand, anneal & shape copper
*Joinery is the celebration of connections: Rivets, rivets, rivets
*How to achieve a deep, rich, antique patina and wax finish that will continue to develop over time
*Installing mica panels: amber waves of light
*Considerations for socket, bulb and wiring

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More Information on this Workshop

This workshop will teach students the basic skills and aesthetic concepts required to create a hammered copper lamp in the iconic Arts & Crafts style. Joe will cover everything from the historical influences that shape the style to the practical nitty-gritty of hammering out parts and riveting them together. Students will be exposed to the nuances of coppersmithing in this important early 20th century aesthetic movement. A thoughtfully crafted copper lamp is both sculpture and a family heirloom to be cherished for generations. Students will learn how to rivet, sand, shape and achieve an antique patina that will give their lamp a distinguished look. With an infinite range of practical and decorative possibilities, lamps are excellent projects for both beginning hammer-bangers and advanced metal-tinkerers.

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Build an Arts & Craft Style Hammered Copper Lamp with Joe Mross May 3-7, 2021