Build a Wooden Sea Kayak (And Bring a Friend to Help) with David Orth April 20-26, 2020 (7 days)


$1155 tuition + $65 materials.
Shop materials; Pygmy Boat kits purchased seperately by students before class

Key Points:
*Implement the versatile ‘stich-n-glue’ boatbuilding technique
*Learn many new tricks from the boatbuilding trade
*Complete the overall form of your kayak
*Learn how to complete the details at home
*Discuss accessories and enhancements for your boat
*Discuss paddles you can make from a 2×6

Workshop Available

Pay a deposit of $400.00 per item


Build your own wooden kayak in a fun group setting with the help of experts, and your own assistant if you like. Kayaks will be single-cockpit, sea kayak (perfect for lakes and rivers, too) designed by multiple award-winning John Lockwood of Pygmy Boats. Students can pick one of many single kayak designs described at (wait for instructions & suggestions). Choose a shorter sport kayak or a full-length sea kayak – they have multiple sizes to accommodate almost every paddler. Pygmy has chosen these designs for their proven performance, beauty, and excellence of the building process. Each student (team) will start with the laser-cut wood components to make their chosen boat – this assures accuracy and will enable participants to complete the major form of each boat in seven days. Fiberglass cloth, epoxy, and hardware will be provided. At the end of the class students will car-top their kayak shell home for completion of the details. These kayaks will be ‘stich-n-glue’ construction. This tried and true composite boatbuilding method uses beautiful marine mahogany components that will be ‘stitched’ together temporarily with wire and covered in clear fiberglass cloth and epoxy for a result which is lightweight, gorgeous and seaworthy. Wooden kayaks get the same stares and strike up the same conversations as a rare sports car. Plus, there is simply the incomparable, primal feel of a small wooden craft on the open water.

Note: Pygmy Boat kayak packages range from about $1000 to $1200. Students will need to purchase their kit directly from Pygmy. Wait for important instructions and suggestions from David. Pygmy will ship your kit directly to the school.