Bringing Wood to Life with Rebecca DeGroot June 22-26, 2020


$825 tuition + $75 materials

Key Points:
*Learn to design out of the box characters
*Learn spindle and hollowing processes to create bodies
*Carve strategic parts of the turned bodies
*Create a variety of turned and carved legs
*Explore opportunities for additional sculptural components
*Assemble into whimsical creatures with unique personalities

Workshop Available

Pay a deposit of $300.00 per item


In this imaginative five day workshop, students will learn a variety of processes and techniques to transform what would normally be considered everyday woodturnings into a collection of playful legged creatures. While students may not walk away with a complete set of sanded and finished pieces, Rebecca will walk the class through the processes of creating projects such as her walking bowls, walking boxes, mushrooms on the run, mushrooms mounted, and creative variations on the simple vase. The students in this class will finish with a better understanding of design aesthetics, woodturning, power carving, pyrography, and joinery. Participants will leave with clever ways of thinking outside the box and bringing their woodturnings to life.