Boxes & Bowls For Beads: A Charity Event with Bill Spencer & Phil Stoner from Narrow Gate September 26-27, 2020


$350 tuition donation to various children’s hospitals around America

Key Points:
*Having fun while learning about production woodworking, turning, and finishing techniques
*Honing your inner child while decorating unique boxes
*Learning how to utilize patterns to make boxes the proper size
*Working as a team to produce meaningful work
*Hustle to produce over 150 boxes to be distributed to children hospitals across the country

Sold Out. Please Call Paula at 317-535-4013 to be added to the waiting list.


Marc Adams School of Woodworking is proud to partner up with Bill Spencer and Phil Stoner from the Narrow Gate Foundation to produce beautiful and unique containers for the Beads of Courage initiative. Beads of Courage is a national organization providing support to children and families coping with serious illnesses. The containers will be both small decorative boxes and segmented/staved turned boxes. Each item will be embellished with color, burning and texturing. These precious containers will be given as keepsake gifts to commemorate milestones that these children achieve along their unique treatment paths. These mementos are a tangible way for these young patients to “RECORD, TELL, and OWN their own story” during and after treatment! Thru the collaboration of MASW, Narrow Gate Foundation, and volunteers like you, we can all make a difference in the lives of children around the world.

Here’s the plan
Volunteers will be divided into three groups. A group of 16 woodturners will turn staved boxes in the turning room with “”. An additional 16 volunteers will be working with Bill Spencer producing traditional boxes from milled lumber. And the final group of volunteers will be using numerous surface treatment techniques to decorate the boxes.
There will be a one day session on Saturday May 9 for anyone who can come to MASW to help start preparing stock for the September weekend. The box material will need to be dimensioned and the turned vessels will need to be cut and glued together. By having the stock ready to go, it could be possible to produce twice as many boxes and bowls.