Bookbinding with Bonnie Stahlecker July 20-24, 2020


$825 tuition; $65 materials payable to Bonnie

Key Points:
*Make two books: one soft leather, one hardcover
*Learn the basics of bookbinding
*Where to source materials and tools
*Learn the history of bookbinding
*Complete the third book for notetaking
*Learn different cover treatments

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The focus of this class will be on building a solid foundation in bookbinding. Students will construct two books that highlight different time periods in the long history of binding books. Bonnie will lead the students through all the steps to create these two books by demonstrating and explaining the techniques, pointing out alternative methods, and tips to working smarter. The first book is a Multi-Tacket journal that has a soft leather cover with a fore-edge flap and a toggle/loop closure arrangement. Tackets were used in the third century to connect the pages to the goatskin covers. Students will have an opportunity to individualize their books with leather additions on the spine and flap. They will also make two toggles from glove leather. The second book will be a sewn journal with hardcovers and an exposed spine. Students will learn the process of creating the text block, how to sew the sections using the catch stitch on tapes, and how to cover binder’s board with decorative paper. There will be a field trip to a nearby paper store so students can select their cover paper for this book. In addition to crafting the two books, students will start the workshop by making their own pamphlet book. This book will have pre-printed pages of useful information with plenty of blank pages for notetaking. During the week, Bonnie will deliver a Power Point presentation on the history of bookbinding with historical examples from her own collection. This beginning bookbinding class is designed with hands-on instruction, helpful tips, and is open to everyone.