Basic & Intermediate Power Metal Engraving with Michael Dubber April 12-16, 2021

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$865 tuition + $240 materials

Key Points:
*Sharpening and resharpening gravers for metal engraving
*Executing hand engraving using air powered gravers
*Transferring printed patterns to metal surfaces
*Laying out and hand engraving straight lines, borders and curves
*Designing and cutting scrolls
*Laying out and hand engraving letters and inscriptions
*Applying hand engraving to woodworking tools and cabinet hardware

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The class is designed for the woodworker who wishes to expand his or her skills to include hand engraving. Individual work stations will be equipped with a full complement of air powered engraving tools, an engraver’s vise, and graver sharpening hones. Mike will illustrate how a small amount of hand engraving can enhance metal hardware and add to the artistic appeal of furniture and tools. Students will learn how to sharpen several varieties of gravers, to cut straight lines, borders, florals and scrollwork. The week will begin with a discussion of graver geometry and how to sharpen gravers for a variety of artistic effects. Work will then begin with cutting straight lines and borders on a flat brass plate. Students will learn how to layout and hand engrave a classic scroll pattern in the center of the brass plate and then engrave a floral detail on a brass furniture knob. The most challenging skill for hand engravers is the art of engraving letters, and Mike will show the basic of laying out and engraving script and block lettering using proper spacing and slant with a special concentration on applying bright cuts to achieve a dramatic flair in all letter styles. Students will be encouraged to bring a small to medium sized block plane or other woodworking tool of your choice on which they will be guided through the process of laying out and hand engraving the side panels.

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