Backyard Logging & Lumbering with Wes Bushor May 2-3, 2020


Key Points:
*Chainsaw safety
*The dangers of logging
*Maintaining a sharp saw
*Chainsaw cutting techniques
*Moving heavy material without heavy equipment
*Types of Alaskan saw mills
*Using a chainsaw to mill lumber
*Stacking green lumber to dry

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Not everyone knows this, but all woodworking projects start in the forest with a tree. Trees give us the material to make the beautiful and functional items that we all love so much. Understanding and connecting to trees can lead to a more rewarding woodworking experience. As a fourth-generation logger, and a lifelong chainsaw operator/tree harvester, Wesley knows trees. In this class students will learn how to cut logs, move them and mill them into lumber. The group will spend time in the MASW woodlot talking about forest health and the necessity of forest management. Wesley will demonstrate sharpening a chainsaw as well as safe cutting techniques. The group will then find several logs of various sizes, harvest them and move those logs to the school. An Alaskan saw mill is a broad term referring to any jig which attaches to your chainsaw to mill lumber. The class will discuss different types of Alaskan mills and the cost of buying one as well as how to make one. The logs will be milled into lumber then stacked to air dry for the school to use in future projects.