Awaken Your Senses Through the Art & Lore Of Crafting Soap with Deborah Kraemer April 6-10, 2021 (Tues-Sat)

Craftsmanship Across the Board


$100 material fee payable to Deborah

Key Points:
*The secret history behind this ancient craft
*Foundation in plant oils and their origins
*Designing products to suit your skin
*Formulating your own soap
*Creating a scent journey
*Handling plants
*Bach and other methods
*Harvesting, infusing and distillation
*Blending herbs, botanicals, minerals and more

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More Information on this Workshop

In this five-day workshop student will discover the fascinating history and lore of soap making. Deborah will discuss why hand-crafted soap is better for your skin and how it can turn a morning shower into an awakening ritual. A world class formulator and aromatherapist, Deborah will reveal the ancient secrets of formulating, mixing, curing and scenting soap using essential oils, flowers, fruits and vegetables. Deborah has spent the last
20 years manufacturing bath products under private labels as well as her own brand Abbey Brown Soap Artisan. She is well-known in the soap world for her classes on this highly creative, yet practical, craft.

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