Apprenticeship with Marc Adams May 11-22 (two weeks)


$1650 tuition + $135 materials
Practice materials only

Key Points:
*Learn joinery problem solving
*How to apply veneer on complex surfaces
*Carving made easy
*Creating hard lines that add continuity
*Designing with full scale drawings
*The process of building a complicated project
*Ways to embellish your work
*How to work with other materials
*Multiple ways to bend wood
*Unique router fixtures
*Joinery methods that will blow people away

Sold Out. Please Call Paula at 317-535-4013 to be added to the waiting list.


This two week workshop will be an intensive study of how to work with wood, through both design and physical hands-on practice. Both weeks will involve a lot of technique development with little to no focus on a specific project–in other words two weeks of playing and learning new techniques. During both weeks Marc will demonstrate different woodworking techniques, such as veneering; carving; modeling in clay; inlay techniques; advanced joinery; working with stone; bending; shaping; sculpting wood; surface texturing; patination; marquetry; working with epoxy; edge veneering; cabinetmaking and the process of developing the design. Each day students will practice new skills and at times, very complex techniques. There will be special sessions on wood selection, making special jigs and fixtures, machine techniques, using modern adhesives, finishing, fuming wood, and of course safety. Throughout the two weeks there will be special guest speakers that will show and demonstrate processes applicable to furniture making but rarely done, which will add to your experience. Although this workshop is not project specific, students will have lots of time for hand work and exploration and even start designing a project through the modeling phase. Students should already be working toward their Masters.