An Intro to Chasing: The Path of the Chisel with Douglas Pryor May 26-30, 2020 (Tues-Sat)


$825 tuition + $50 materials

Key Points:
*Learn how to turn brush strokes into sculptures
*Push the plasticity limits of sheet metal
*Achieve details you cannot get from machining, casting, or blacksmithing
*Gain knowledge for shaping, hardening, and tempering your own chisels
*Learn and practice the strategic differences of chasing, repousse, and uchidashi
*Traditional techniques applied to modern minds and industrial appetites

Sold Out. Please Call Paula at 317-535-4013 to be added to the waiting list.


This workshop will introduce participants to the world of sheet metal manipulation using a chiseling technique called “Chasing”. Students will be exploring pitch management, chisel design, and hammer control moving at a beginner to intermediate pace. Douglas will have several projects for students to choose from and will encourage everyone to challenge themselves at their own level. The idea of this workshop is to become familiar with design techniques as well as material sciences involved in chasing and repousse. The technology for chasing is simple, it is not the machine or hammer that needs to improve, only ourselves.