An Alternative Method for Hollow Turning with Mark Gardner April 13-14, 2019


$330 tuition, $25 material fee
Key Points:
*Hollowing without working through a small opening
*Understanding the joinery of this technique
*Using the proper tool for the job
*Turning into end grain using simple hollowing tools
*Adhesives for green wood
*Green wood as a material for refined, finished work

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Creating hollow forms on the lathe can be extremely satisfying, when everything goes right. Too often hollowing blindly through a small opening can result in broken pieces of wood; either from a catch or turning through some part of the form from the inside. Mark will demonstrate a technique for hollowing that greatly reduces the risk of ruining the piece while hollowing. In a nut shell he approaches the hollow form like a lidded box, only in the end the lid is glued on. Mark prefers to use green wood in his work so the class will focus on the joinery needed to successfully accomplish this in a material that is going to move and warp a bit as it dries. This method also opens up many possibilities for surface enhancements, at the seam, where the lid is rejoined to the base piece. Mark will share many of his techniques to enhance any turned object both on and off the lathe.

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