A Very Special Turning Event with David Longaker August 14-15, 2021

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$75.00 tuition per “Team Turners” with all money raised going to the Tim Tebow Special Needs Ministry payable at time of workshop

Calling on volunteers
Have you ever wanted to give back to MASW and experience the reward of sharing your love of woodworking/woodturning with someone new? This class is a great opportunity to do just that. MASW is hosting this very special turning event of pen turning for individuals with special needs and is looking for mentors to assist in the class. We will need assistants to work with each “Team Turners” throughout the day or weekend. For those who volunteer, previous pen turning experience is recommended but any turning experience will be acceptable. Please contact Will Lerums by email to sign up to assist.

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More Information on this Workshop

This will be one of the most “special” weekend events ever in the history of MASW. David Longaker is an inspiration to everyone he meets. David was a Special Olympics swimmer in the mid 1990’s. He has been taking workshops at MASW for nearly a decade. In 2018 he was an Intern at the school and by the summer of 2021 will be on target to complete his Masters. In the summer of 2017 David approached me about teaching a pen turning class for individuals with special needs. I was blown away at the concept and knew immediately that David would be the perfect teacher. Over the next several years David and I would talk about what the class would involve and finally we chose the summer of 2021 as the year to make it happen. The idea for this workshop, the schedule, the organization of the volunteers and the teaching plans were all developed by David. MASW is proud to see his dream come to life. In the world of woodworking there are no limitations, only possibilities. The idea for this class will involve “Team Turners.” Each “team” will be allowed to attend one of the 4 workshop sessions. There will be 2 workshop sessions offered on Saturday and 2 workshop sessions on Sunday. David will teach the exact same project at each workshop. The goal for these workshops will be for each “Team Turners” to make one fully functional ball point pen. A true family heirloom!

Here is the plan
There will be 4 workshops in total; 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.
Each workshop can accommodate 4 couples (Team Turners). Team Turners will only be allowed to attend one workshop. The morning session both days will start at 9:00 a.m. and last until 12:00 noon. The afternoon session both days will start at 1:00 p.m. and last until 4:00 p.m. Lunch will be served at 12:00 noon for both groups, so one group will finish with lunch while the other group will start with lunch. Each workshop will be the same in content and project. All sessions will be taught and directed by David. Each workshop will be sold on a first-come-first served basis.
Participants will be accompanied by a parent or any family member to complete the Team Turners. No prior skills are necessary for either team member. Each team will be assisted by a MASW volunteer. Each Team Turners will work at accessible stations that can be adjusted to accommodate any need. The lathes will be both standard lathes and “mini” lathes that are designed specifically for turning pens. All tooling and supplies will be provided by the school.
David will be the instructor. He will demonstrate how to make a pen from beginning to end. He will discuss safe ways to work at the lathe, how to choose materials for making the pens, how to hold the turning tools, turning techniques and sanding techniques. He will also walk each team through the process of drilling for the pen mechanisms and demonstrate how to insert those mechanisms into the turnings. Finally, he will show everyone how to apply a beautiful luster to the finished pen.

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