3D Modeling for CNC Woodworking with Randy Johnson September 28-October 2, 2020


$825 tuition + $100 materials

Key Points:
*Develop your Aspire software skills
*Learn essential 3D modeling techniques for the CNC
*Create traditional furniture and architectural carvings
*Design custom 3D models from a sketch or picture
*Pros and cons of various 3D tool path set ups
*Practice CNC 3D machining techniques
*Add 3D modeling to your list of woodworking design skills

Workshop Available

Pay a deposit of $300.00 per item


This class is open to woodworkers of all skill levels. Prior CNC and CAD experience is very helpful, but not required. A step-by-step manual (written by Randy) will guide students through a series of 3D modeling design lessons which will explore a variety of techniques and methods used to create 3D models for the CNC. This class will cover the basics of 3D modeling, plus instruction on creating traditional carvings, decorative moldings, two-sided carvings, life and nature designs, working with existing 3D models, and basic scanning techniques. Most of the class time will be spent creating 3D model designs and carving some of the designs with a CNC. There will also be daily presentations covering a variety of 3D modeling topics, including tips and tricks Randy has learned from his years working with CNC routers. A full version of Vectric Aspire software will be provided to the students for use during the class. Prior experience with Aspire or another CAD software is very helpful, but not required. However, students are required to supply and know how to operate a Windows 7 or higher laptop computer and a scroll wheel mouse. Students must have administrative access to their computers, so they can install the full version of the VCarve Pro software at the class.