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Christopher White lives in Loveland, Colorado, but spends long hours in the rugged canyon lands of West Texas hunting for very specific shapes of dead standing wood, primarily West Texas juniper and aged Mesquite. Through his hands, these aged and weathered woods are transformed into a variety of subjects that flow into graceful movement. The message of each woodcarving is then amplified and refined by a poem. While the messages are drawn from scripture and his faith, the subjects that this Christian artist uses are as variable as nature. His studies in wildlife biology at Texas Tech University and five years of studying human anatomy at the National Institute of Fine Arts are both evidenced in his portfolio of birds, fish, mammals, and moving depictions of men, women and children. His signature style of realism flowing into stylized forms has continually won him top honors at national and international competitions, including “Best of Show” at the International Woodcarver’s Congress in 1994 and Best in World, Interpretive Wood Sculpture at the Ward World Champion Wildfowl Carving Competition 2006 and 2009. He has published two books: Expressions In Wood and Parables: Wood Sculptures. Chris is a featured in The Difference Makers, published by The Lost Art Press.

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