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W. Patrick Edwards began his career in physics by building an atom smasher for the science fair and taking top honors. After graduation from UCSD with a degree in Applied Physics, he realized that his true passion was with antiques, not high energy particles. He had established a business in 1969 which specialized in restoration of pre-industrial antiques, and in 1973 he “retired” from his full time physics career to devote all his energies to that business, Antique Refinishers, Inc. Countless trips to the East Coast visiting historic houses and museums, research at Winterthur, and attending “ecoleBoulle” in Paris have all added invaluable experience to his understanding of how antiques were made and what tools and materials were used. He created several television shows about antiques, two of which were nominated for Emmys. Patrick has contributed articles to the early SAPFM journal, Fine Woodworking, Woodwork, American Woodworker and other publications. He developed a liquid hide glue, Old Brown Glue, which has received wide acceptance for its excellent working characteristics. For Patrick, the complex process of creating marquetry is just as challenging as working in the physics industry, and more fun. 

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