Doug Stowe

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Doug Stowe began his career as a woodworker in 1976, making custom furniture and small boxes. In 1995, he began writing how-to articles for a variety of woodworking magazines. He is the author of 15 woodworking books. His book Making Elegant Custom Tables won the 2003 Golden Hammer Award for the best how-to book. His boxes and furniture have been featured in Woodworkers Journal, Woodwork, American Woodworker, Woodcraft, Popular Woodworking and Fine Woodworking. His most recent book is The Guide to Woodworking with Kids, 2020 and The Wisdom of Our Hands, 2021. In 2001, he began a woodworking program at the Clear Spring School, designed to integrate woodworking activities to stimulate and reinforce academic curricula, restoring the rationale for the use of crafts in general education and demonstrating its effectiveness. In 2009 he was named an Arkansas Living Treasure by the Arkansas Department of Heritage and Arkansas Arts Council for his contributions to traditional crafts and craft education. He maintains a strong advocacy for hands-on learning through his blog, Wisdom of the Hands. 

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