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Alex Snodgrass has been working with bandsaws and bandsaw companies for over 30 years. At 25, he became a manager of a hardware store in Hawaii.  In the late 1980’s he moved to Atlanta, Georgia to begin a career selling scroll saws, along with bandsaw blades. So began his real interest with the bandsaw. Alex wanted the bandsaw to be able to do what the scroll saw could do but on a bigger level, which lead to the development of the Stabilizer and his first patent.  Soon after that he began his career with Carter Products. He developed and patented the Quick Release which is now standard on all Powermatic 14 saws and holds a patent on the ETG- Electronic Tension Gauge. His latest development is the FAST- Fence Alignment System Tool which allows easy alignment of the bandsaw fence to the blade.  Alex has consulted with Jet and Powermatic and with numerous bandsaw blade manufactures testing and helping to improve products. 

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