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Steve Sinner has a degree in Industrial Education from Iowa State University, followed by a 33-year career in industry and social services facilities management. In 1975, he read Dale Nish’s Creative Woodturning, which sparked what has become a passionate interest in artistic woodturning. By 1998 he was turning fulltime, and in 2001 he and his wife Anne added a studio to their Bettendorf, Iowa, home. Steve concentrates on developing intricate surface decoration using silver leaf, acrylics and ink on hollow vessels turned primarily of maple, walnut or cherry. His works are found in museums, galleries and collections from New York to California and have been featured in several of the arts and crafts publications in the United States, England and Australia. The Cheongju International Craft Biennele in South Korea has exhibited his work three times and in 2003 awarded him a special citation. He has work in four Midwestern museums and the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City. His work is included in the book Masters: Woodturning: Major Works by Leading Artists and Wood Art Today 2 which features his newer ultra thin ‘Spool’ series. In addition to woodturning, Steve plays bass clarinet in four concert bands. 

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