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Alf Sharp, after a half-hearted attempt at a law degree, discovered his true vocation in fine furniture making. Thirty-five years later, he’s still at it with as much enthusiasm, fueled in part by the support and stimulation provided by The Furniture Society and teaching at MASW. Specializing in 18th and 19th century American and English design, Alf also enjoys Beidermeier, Art Deco, Chinese, and contemporary design. His own original work has a toe-hold in tradition. He has pieces in historical homes, museums aaspen nd private homes throughout the United States. He is the recipient of the 2008 Cartouche award from The Society of American Period Furniture Makers and is a past President of the Furniture Society. In 2015, he was a fellow of the AFTAB turning collaboration in Aiguines, France.  When not absorbed in the woodshop or playing with his grandchildren, he enjoys restoring and driving classic British sports cars. His work can be seen in the February 2008 edition of Woodwork magazine and in Studio Furniture – Today’s Leading Woodworkers, a Lark 500 book, as well as numerous other books and magazines. 

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