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Jeff Scanlan is a professional speaker, author, and former professional magician. He enjoys things that amaze and make people think. In 1996, after reading an article on items inside a bottle, he became fixated and wanted to know how these bottles were made. After much thought, breaking hundreds of bottles and ruining hundreds upon hundreds of decks of cards, in 2000, he finally conquered putting a deck of cards, still sealed with the cellophane wrapping on into a Mistic juice bottle.  Since then, Jeff has learned how to put a whole variety of objects into bottles – bars of soap, tennis, golf and ping-pong balls, padlocks, baseballs, scissors and even a pair of high-top Converse gym shoes. Currently, there are about three-dozen people in the world who have mastered this art form. Jeff is considered, by both the magic and puzzle communities, to be one of the very best. His bottle work is displayed in the library of The Magic Castle in Hollywood, California, the museum of The College of Magic in Capetown, South Africa and in the Science Gallery Museum at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. His work has been written about in many newspapers and were featured articles in The Linking Ring Magazine, Games Magazine and in Genii Magazine. Jeff is following in the footsteps of the most famous Impossible Bottle artist – Harry Eng. 

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