Jeff Phares

JEFF PHARES began woodcarving as a hobby in 1984. He showed such a natural talent that he began carving full time by 1991, and quickly became known throughout the woodcarving community as one of the nation’s best in his field. Jeff has entered various competitions and won many ribbons and awards. In addition, his work is featured in several galleries throughout the country. Private collectors covet his work as they are drawn to his inspirational art. The attraction lies within his ability to offer realism and natural character in all of his pieces. Jeff teaches nationwide as well as in Canada. He is classified as one of the youngest master woodcarvers in the United States. He has authored four books: Carving The Human Face, Carving The Nose & Mouth, Carving Eyes, and Carving Ears & Hair. With his laid-back style, trusty guitar, and trademark cowboy hat, Jeff is a favorite of many clubs and organizations and is one of the most sought-after carving instructors in the country.

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