Darrell Peart

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Darrell Peart has been woodworking for nearly half a century. He is widely known for his interpretive Greene and Greene work and his innovative woodworking jigs. He has written articles for numerous woodworking magazines.  In 2006 his first book, Greene and Greene: Design Elements for the Workshop, was published. His second book, In the Style of Greene and Greene, was published in the spring of 2013.  He is currently at work on a book about designing furniture. He has taught and lectured about Greene and Greene furniture from coast to coast. In 2005 he was dubbed “The Guru of Greene and Greene” by the Robb Report.  Darrell is one of the craftspeople featured in The Difference Makers, published by The Lost Art Press.  He is currently retired from commission work – which frees him up to explore new designs and build more furniture. 


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