Matthew Parkinson

MATTHEW PARKINSON was inspired as a child watching a blacksmith work in a museum; this seemingly small moment stuck with him. Later, as a young teen under the direction of his grandfather, he made a knife from an old file which ignited a desire to make knives. He has been a professional knife maker since 1998. In 2005, Matthew along with Jamie Lundell and Peter Swarz-Burt, formed Falling Hammer Productions which designs, manufactures and installs high end custom interior and exterior ironwork. Under the Dragons Breath Forge name they market their swords, knives, axes and armor to clients from around the world. Matthew has taught at craft and art centers throughout America and has had his personal work featured in Blade magazine, Knives Illustrated and Pirate Quarterly. In 2015, Matthew was a contestant on the first year of “Forged in Fire” which ran on the History channel. He won by making a Katana in five days that split a bullet. In 2016, he returned for the championship round where he placed second with his Scottish Claymore which also split a bullet. That same year Matthew attained the rank of Journeyman smith from the American Bladesmith society, which is an exclusive group of the top 200 best bladesmiths in the world.

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