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John Morgan has spent over 35 years researching forms of kinetic woodwork. Early emulations of folk-art whirligigs and animated toys evolved into smaller, hand cranked, automata designed to fit on the corner of an executive’s desk. Later projects have included an automated donations box and other motorized sculptures. His narrative product springs from a unique marriage of art, design, woodwork and engineering. Pieces from his limited editions produced in the past 24 years have been shown in American Craft and American Woodworker magazines and have been exhibited in craft galleries and museums in the United States, United Kingdom and Japan. He was awarded the Best of Show by the Wharton Esherick Museum’s Toying with Wood exhibition and has received numerous purchase awards from the Arkansas Arts Center’s Toys Designed by Artists. His automations, held by museums and individual collectors across the United States, are also represented in corporate collections in the United States and Japan. 

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