Janice Levi

JANICE LEVI has been turning wood since 2001 when she asked for and received a lathe for her birthday. She immediately joined the local AAW-affiliated woodturning club and realized she had entered a man’s world. But two of the men became her mentors and worked with her on toolmanship, design, execution, and safety. Years later, Janice still applies those early lessons to her turning but she has found her own voice. After turning the regular bowls, platters, boxes then embellishing them with pyrography, color and carving, Janice took her woodturning in an entirely different direction. She began to experiment with jewelry, which had previously consisted of a pendant and a leather strap tied with a knot. Janice also has developed several styles of wooden purses, including making wooden hinges for two of the purse styles. She also enjoys turning Christmas ornaments with delicate finials and many of her ornaments, as well as her jewelry and purses, are embellished with pyrography and color. Janice demonstrates for symposia, including twice for AAW and regularly demonstrates and teaches for clubs across the country. Her articles can regularly be found in American Woodturner, Woodturning, and More Woodturning.

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