Bill Hull

BILL HULL was first exposed to woodworking as a child through his father’s woodworking shop, then later in a school shop program. After college he started learning various trades such as masonry, carpentry and cabinetry. In the early 1980s he started his own business that evolved into finish woodworking, furniture making, and veneering. In the early 1990’s Bill started teaching furniture making at Francis Tuttle Vo-Tech, and started a business with two other woodworkers building furniture for the designer market. In 1993, he left that business to co-found Patternwork Veneering Inc., which specializes in high-end patterned and inlaid veneered panels. Bill has lectured and taught workshops throughout the nation for The Woodworking Shows, Woodworks, the IIDA, guilds, and woodworking clubs. He also teaches furniture-making classes and woodworking skills classes at Moore-Norman Technology Center in Oklahoma.

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