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Lynne Hull had her first experience on a lathe in the 8th grade when girls, for the first time (1969), were given the option of taking home economics or industrial arts. She registered for the shop class. This is where Lynne learned to turn wood, plastic and metal. She was mesmerized by the process and pursued it in undergraduate school at the University of Washington where she received a BFA in Metal Arts.  In graduate school at the School for American Crafts (RIT) in Rochester, New York, Lynne was introduced to the metal spinning process, which involved working on a lathe but not in a subtractive process. Metal spinning is a forming process where sheet metal is stretched over a wooden pattern while rotating on the lathe. She found this process exhilarating and over the last 30 years has not tired of the infinite possibilities this process has to offer.  Raised in the Pacific Northwest, her artwork is shaped by its natural beauty and diverse landscapes. Lynne enjoys contrast and comparison, and she uses the vessel as a sculptural format. Lynne says, “In my work I connect the old with the new, the east with the west and the technical with the artistic.” 

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