Ben Heinemann

BEN HEINEMANN Since 1978, Ben has been considered as one of the most top-ranked and recognized names in the art of contemporary decoy carving. He is noted for his magic talent with the intense details he portrays with a paint brush. Ben’s decoy carvings have been bought and placed on the mantels in homes of Hollywood icons, as well as many prestigious professional collectors from around the world. His handcrafted Canadian goose won more First Place blue ribbons at the World Championship Competition in Ocean City, MD than any other carving competitor in that arena. Ben has been featured on American Craftsman, a PBS television series as the premier waterfowl carver of North Carolina as well as being highlighted in the TV series North Carolinas Traveler. Among several accolades, Ben earned the prestigious title Carver of the Year at the Midwest Decoy Collectors Association in 2017. His woodworking shop, The Carving Tree, is decorated with various ribbons and awards presented to him throughout the years. His talents are known to have no boundaries and he continues to be a top exhibitor in all of the major waterfowl shows across the country.

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