Molly Grant

MOLLY GRANT began leather working in her early 20’s, first by working on her own and then by apprenticing at the Black Swan Leather shop in Portsmouth, NH, where she learned the basic skills of traditional leather working. Molly began to make custom hand sewn briefcases, recreating authentic bomber jackets and designing knapsacks, handbags, clutches and other small leather items as well as leather clothing and designing theater costumes for local theater productions. She became a juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsman in 1989 for handbags and 2008 for shoemaking. Since the 1990’s Molly has been showing handbags and footwear at fine juried craft shows around the country and now focuses her energies on teaching handbag and footwear classes at her Deerfield, NH workshop and at fine craft schools across the country.

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