Chris Gochnour

Craftsmanship Across the Board

Chris Gochnour was born the son of a classical musician, where he learned from his father that if you pursue a career you love, you’ll enjoy a fulfilling life. While Chris played the French Horn as a youth, he moved on to other endeavors because the horn didn’t move fast enough. He took to skiing, skateboarding and snowboarding, which led to his first job building skateboards and snowboards for the Winterstick Company. This love for building items transitioned in his college days from decks you could ride to furniture you can build. He’s been building furniture and teaching and writing about the craft for the past 35 years. A natural-born problem solver and innovator, Chris is a self-taught craftsman and credits the pages of Fine Woodworking, where he now serves as a contributing editor, for helping him develop his skills. When he’s not in his studio he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children skiing and hiking in the Wasatch Mountains, cycling along the banks of the Jordan River, or boarding in the hills surrounding Salt Lake Valley.

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