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David Franklin started creating public art in his teens as a member of a graffiti crew, cutting stencils and painting them in abandoned rail yards near downtown Denver, Colorado.  His art career began when he moved to Seattle, and became inspired by the Native Art of the Northwest Coast.  He studied the art form and learned how to carve alongside a noted NW artist.  He spent nearly a decade as his apprentice, gaining not only the graphic and sculptural skills, but first-hand experience with large-scale art production.  Today, David aspires to be a viable contender in the public art arena and has completed public works in Washington, Oregon, California and Colorado, and has current projects in Maryland, Portland and Alaska.  Most recently David completed the “Drift Inversion” commission in Denver, a 23′ x 128′ installation that turns the original sand dunes landscape upside-down.  In 2013 and 2015 he completed two three-month Arts/Industry Residencies in the pottery department of the Kohler Factory in Wisconsin.  One of his projects is set to be installed in the new Kohler Experience Showroom in Hollywood, California. David is one of the featured craftspeople featured in The Difference Makers published by The Lost Art Press.  Today David lives in the small town of Indianola, Washington with his wife and three children. 

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