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Michael Fortune maintains his studio near Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, where he designs one-of-a-kind furniture for private residences across North America. He has taught at Sheridan College, Ryerson University, Rochester Institute of Technology and the Savannah College of Art and Design. He was the first woodworker to receive the prestigious Prix Bronfman Award, Canada’s highest award in the crafts. Michael has won dozens of honors, awards, and prizes. His work is on permanent collection at several museums, including Claridge Collection of Canadian Art and Craft in Montreal, Museum of Civilization in Ottawa, and the Ontario Crafts Council Collection. He was recently inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts and awarded a Queen’s Jubilee medal and has been featured in just about every woodworking magazine in existence. Michael received the Award of Distinction from the Furniture Society in 2007 and in 2010 became a contributing editor to Fine Woodworking. Michael is not only featured in The Difference Makers published by The Lost Art Press, but his #1 Chairs grace the front cover.  This is Michael’s 21st year teaching at MASW. 

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