Vincent Doan

VINCENT DOAN In the summer of 1975, Saigon fell to the Communist of North Vietnam. Vincent left the country that same year and came to America with his parents, along with his four siblings. In 1984, Vincent graduated and worked for various big tech companies for over 24 years as an engineer, before he quit his job and started to experiment with marquetry and inlay using a laser. Even with the laser, he was not able to overcome many challenges involved in creating intricate artwork made with wood veneers. One of the major challenges is how to visualize the artwork with real wood veneers fully assembled before cutting them. Leveraging his past engineering experience, he set out to develop his own software to meet those challenges head on. A few years later, he completed a piece of software called ImagePaint, an Adobe Illustrator plug-in for Windows OS. In 2015, ImagePaint received an AWFS Visionary Awards Finalist. In recent years, Vincent continued to spend most of his time upgrading ImagePaint to also support CNC routers. His software can now create wood inlays at the same level of details made with a laser. Presently, Vincent is upgrading ImagePaint to provide other features for the CNC router, such as V-Carve, Prism-Carve and Custom Molding.

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