Doug Dale

Craftsmanship Across the Board

Doug Dale has worked at MASW for 18 years, and he is in charge of student affairs and all of the in-house maintenance. At one time, he held the record for the most classes attended in one summer—17 classes. He obviously has completed his Masters and in 2005 taught his first class at the school along with Zane Powell on Machine Maintenance, Jigs and Fixtures.  Doug currently tests tools for Fine Woodworking magazine.  When he’s not working at the school (or driving to and from the school—he lives in Ohio and drives more than 100 miles one way each day), he is working in his shop making furniture and cabinets and dabbling in restoration. He is a dedicated employee who has motivated and inspired everyone through his wit and enthusiasm. Doug has lectured nationally for the Consumer Woodworking Expo.  He has starred in five videos with Popular Woodworking: The Table Saw, The Bandsaw, The Router, The Drill Press and Mortiser, and The Jointer and Planer. 

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