Wes Bushor

WES BUSHOR is a self-described Woodsman. He has been a logger in north central Wisconson for over 35 years. With logging being his main occupation, he has incorporated the natural products he can find in the forest into unique items for the home. He has made “rustic” or “naturally simple” furniture for over twenty-five years. Wes has an infectious passion for demonstrating his simple approach to woodworking which has landed him in several newspaper articles and TV interviews. Drawing inspiration from the natural form of trees, Wes likes to allow the wood to manipulate him as much as he manipulates the wood. With his wife, Jonelle, he runs a home studio called Lost Treehouse near Tomahawk, WI where he shares his passion for the simple and natural. When not working, Wes enjoys playing volleyball and spending time with his five children.

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