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John Beaver began experimenting with the lathe in 2009. His quest to add motion and rhythm to a turned piece led to his signature “wave” design. The success of that design convinced him to leave his previous profession as a motion picture cameraman and pursue woodturning full time. Through further experimentation John has invented multiple woodturning techniques. While John feels the “wave” design is his signature, the true genesis of his work is his ability to turn a vessel, cut it apart, add to or modify the elements and reassemble the piece keeping the walls and grain aligned perfectly. John’s work has been featured in magazines in the U.S. and abroad and he has won numerous awards, including two time winner of the prestigious Niche Award for contemporary craft. He has participated in many top craft shows and he has demonstrated and taught at the American Association of Woodturners National Symposium, New Zealand Woodturning Symposium and many other regional symposiums, clubs and schools. When he’s not in his shop, you can find John in the ocean, on the golf course, or in the mountains hiking, biking or skiing.

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