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GRANT BATSON comes from a long line of artists, inventors, fixers and do-it-yourselfers.  Through the years, Grant has taken pieces and parts from each of these ancestral traits to carve quite an eclectic career path.  He started with pencil sketchings at age six and by age 15 had moved into woodworking by making his first electric guitar in high school shop class.  Since then, he has worked in the custom cabinet and furniture industry, provided design and drafting services to architects and designers, which then lead him and his brother to start Batson Guitar Company, which is still in business today.  In 2011, needing a change of scenery, Grant left the guitar biz and immersed himself into the art of pipe making. He traveled the globe, working with some of the world’s most-esteemed and legendary pipe makers, and today, continues to serve pipe enthusiasts around the world with his high-grade work.  Grant has been teaching pipe making classes since 2013, and in January of 2019, he became the Director of Artisan Education for the Narrow Gate Foundation (a non-profit, helping young men, ages 18-25, to find identity and purpose).  Grant, his wife, Jill, and four children built a farmhouse in Tennessee, where they enjoy animal husbandry, kayaking, fishing and quiet nights with a deck of cards.  

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